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Poster: garthus Date: Apr 15, 2010 9:03pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Is Adobe Flash going to be redundant?


Just reread your message. No, I could care less about quality cable, just the connection, and that is not subsidized by the movie industry; if anything phone rates have come down as a result of the internet service. Copyright likewise does not stimulate the production of better artwork. Creative people do that. I am working on a book which I posted the first chapter of; could care less about selling it; all copyrights in their present form do is to interfere with my production of such works. Actually I understand quite a bit about how the communications industry works and believe me it could survive quite well without the sheeple cultivating motion picture and entertainment industry. In any case they will all be gone when people like me start producing intelligent machines which will not require such useless crap. See:


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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Apr 16, 2010 2:32am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Is Adobe Flash going to be redundant?

Ok Gerry, I will do a review, when is chapter two due? Peter

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Poster: coolpolitealex Date: Apr 19, 2010 7:17pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Is Adobe Flash going to be redundant?

If i could just add something,the BBC works quite well in Britain,and i'm sure that it has not done' any harm at all, to the quality of the private sector' infact it kept quite a few writers and acting luvvies in work, when times are lean,and when times were' and are good.
So paying a nominal fee upfront' does more good than harm. but i know America is schitzophrenic about public and private,since Churchill gave the "iron curtain speech" but get over the prejudice of the cold war' and except" spreading out all the money of the public sector, and allowing the real talent to come out on the top without having to write rubbish just to survive,as there are plenty of un-talented writers out there' being paid to write rubbish.

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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Apr 19, 2010 9:11pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Is Adobe Flash going to be redundant?

True, the British do quite good TV, in NZ in the '60s, it was our best TV viewing, several British comedies were copied under license in the USA, using USA actors, retaining the basic plot, but using USA specific settings, and jokes.

They never lasted.

However, the BBC is funded by complusery TV licenses, every household in the UK with a TV has to pay this annual license.

When TV free to air came to NZ in the '60s the funding was based on both the UK and USA models, seeing there was just 2.6 million people here then, (I think its about 4 million plus now) every household paid its annual TV license, which included the radio licence fee, carried over from before we had TV, PLUS the government channels had advertising, maybe 15 minutes maximum per hour, none on Sunday.

We had just 2 channels up to the early '70s when we went colour. Both were Government owned/operated, but they led to the demise of movie theatres in most small towns.

Then private networks were allowed, and the licence fee abolished. We now have TV1 and TV2 networks from the Government, TV3 a private general network AND C4 mostly a music video network, Prime, a general network, free to terrestrial air until recently and owned by Sky, the TAB channel, horse racing owned by a Betting Commission, A Maori Channel as well.

Also one local channel in most areas, mostly running old stuff, Mr Ed, and the Hillbillies.

All channels/networks are now advertising funded, only 4,000,000 possible viewers, the advertisers pay less, so to break even, we get more advertising that TV shows.

The Government via "NZ on Air" subsidises the marking of NZ TV shows, otherwise we would not have any, one "Shortland Street" a soap based on a Accident and Emergency Clinic has been running 20-years, it is self supporting now, and its being exported.

Most of our viewing is CRAP, as Gerry would say, to make decent TV shows takes big bucks, the more HD TV goes, the more a show costs, now its 3D and interactive.

Not just NZ, but world wide, there is a lack of quality TV shows and movies, thus we get heaps of game shows (prizes given by the advertisings) make over shows, reality shows, cooking, etc, all very cheap to make.

Honestly, there is not even enough new content produced world wide to supply ONE network.

Without copyright, networks would rip each other off, thus if they did, nobody would pay for decent shows to be made any-more.

I think Cable TV, including similar is on the way out.

Replacing it, there will be free to air of only news shows, and public broadcasting (Like we have a Free View satilight channel of our Parliament (A comedy with their horseplay while supposed working for us making laws)

And people can order whatever show they like, from a vast file server, pay per view, fed down your phone line.

And if lots of people chose premium shows and pay for it, then more high quality shows will be turned out.

If somebody pirates these moves, quickly the source will dry up.

And stopping movie makers from copyrighting their latest movie, is in effect legalising piracy and quickly the supply of new block busters will dry up.

Finally, there reason there is so much crap on TV, and very little quantity stuff, is due to piracy, the pirates selling stollen property.

If there was no piracy, no file sharing, no DVD burners, you can bet there will be lots of quality shows being produced because the people doing the work will be paid.

And the cost of a legal copy of a Movie is high because each legal copy has to recover the losses of all the pirated copies.